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Meanings for some terms used on this site.

Compassion ^
To live with compassion is to think and act without putting ourselves at the centre of the universe. It is an expression of your highest self.
Counsellor ^
Talk therapy, help with expressing how you feel and what you need to resolve problems and feelings.
Emotional ^
How you react and respond to people and situations in your life. It is how you express yourself whether it be rational or irrational.
False humility ^
When you think about your self-worth in a negative way, and feel inferior to others. A person with false humility is indulgent of negative thought patterns, and dependent on others for reassurance.
Fate ^
The things we are presented with in life that we cannot control. It is an opportunity to use ones free will in deciding how to deal with the situations presented. Outcomes will be in the choices made.
Forgiveness ^
A person who does not hold grudges and resentments towards others. Forgiveness means you do not harbour anger, and your attitude frees you from the pasts control over your life.
Free will ^
Taking charge of what you decide by choosing a course of action. Free will has a cause an effect.
Gratitude ^
True gratitude is just to be grateful. Of course, one needs to be grateful for life, security and food on the table, but true gratitude is an attitude of the mind, and does not dependent on conditions.
Humility ^
The quality of being humble. It is about letting go of pride and the ego. Humility recognizes we are all human and equal, and do not place ourselves above others.
Insights ^
Insights are food for thought about situations or circumstances. They do give you the facts of what you are dealing with, and can highlight many things you are not aware about yourself.
Intuitive counselling ^
An alternative approach to viewing one’s life using higher intuition, and perception. Intuitive counselling fast tracks awareness more quickly than traditional counselling.
Life coach ^
A coach will help you set and achieve personal and professional goals, and help you stay on track with them.
Life purpose ^
Life purpose is what you came here to do, learn and experience. This is attained by leading a life guided by what your soul wants you to reach your potential in life.
Mental ^
Thought forms are about how you perceive or understand things, and how you create negative, and positive thinking patterns that are rational or irrational.
Physical ^
Your well-being, how you take care of yourself, how you relate to the world around you, and your attachment to financial security, material possessions, people and places.
Self-empowerment ^
Taking control of your own life and destiny. Working on personal development.
Soul mates ^
People you meet and share your life with that help you grow in some shape or form. One must learn to see what these soul mates mean for your journey and what they have to teach you.
Spiritual ^
Your faith and belief in something bigger than yourself. Your connection to your intuition and higher self. A way of living and approaching a spiritual life.
Strategy ^
Making plans and working out an approach for the long term. It is taking charge of a situation, and marshalling the resources or abilities you may have to get the most efficient result possible.
Wisdom ^
Attaining wisdom requires some degree of humility, as proclaiming to know it all is not wisdom but ignorance. It is about making genuine growth as a human being, and gaining real insight into your life.

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