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Contemplating life

A contemplative life

Living a life with intentional solitude

A contemplative life requires stillness and the intent to live with purpose and presence. When we find that moment of silence, we experience the solitude of contemplation.

Not everyone wants to live a life in solitude with very little contact with the outside world or may be even able to do so if they wanted to. I have been living a contemplative life in solitude for many years now, with only necessary contact with others because that works best for me. However, a contemplative life can be led in a modern world, but one must take the time to intentionally live in the awareness of a contemplative life.

Contemplative people are often deep thinkers and contemplate the meaning of life. They love solitude and are not lonely. In that space they can see, feel, and sense what others don’t. Contemplating in a world where people are focused on material things and are self-absorbed in themselves can be hard, so we must distance ourselves from the noise of society to find our contemplative hearts.

Contemplation is not the same as trying to escape life, but rather it is one of intent, thus it is a path of awareness where we become an observer. A contemplative life calms the mind, because in its natural state the human mind is uneasy. It is in this state of conscious contemplation, we can live the life more consciously with more calm and awareness in our lives.

Every day we see the consequences of modern life, and the things people constantly burden themselves with for the illusion of inner contentment. The clarity we receive from a contemplative life clears much of the unnecessary suffering we impose on ourselves. It is worth serious consideration for many to embrace their contemplative hearts, if they want to see change for the better in their lives.

Many are workaholics believing this will bring success and happiness. For many this only brings exhaustion and mental health issues yet is still accepted if we want to fulfil our so-called dreams in life. The illusion of this is only distracting people of their real purpose in life. We don’t awaken our by chasing purpose, living like this only blinds people to their true selves.

We are here to get out of the way of ourselves, when we do that, we are faced with reality thus our perception of ourselves changes. Most people do not spend much time in the solitude of silence, where in this space they can truly contemplate their lives. Many are caught up in the business of chasing life rather than living the life they came here to live. While they are rushing around like they always have a bus to catch, the important things in life go unnoticed.

We don’t awaken living a life focused on the outer world, as the journey must be taken on the inner levels to explore the truth, Contemplation is living a simple life in a state of presence, purpose, solitude, silence, and stillness where we experience oneness with ourselves and the world around us. The more we contemplate, the more we experience oneness.

Contemplating life is our own journey and unique to us. It requires us to be consistent and patient without attachments to outcomes and desires. Contemplation brings reality thus it will crush any illusions we may have about ourselves and life. To evolve we must live in the awareness of the truth we discover.

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