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We live in a world that is made for extroverts. Society tells us we must be social animals and project ourselves as such on social media with this look at me culture mentality.

There’s a lot of speculation on what introverts are, so people try to box them into a one size fits all, when just as people are diverse in their own way so are introverts. Introverts will share some similar traits, but just like anyone else they are unique.

Some extroverts are under the illusion that many introverts are waiting for their inner extrovert to escape like there is some underlying desire to become an extrovert. Others believe introverts are and lonely which couldn't be more wrong. Introverts are not lonely, they are happy when in solitude.

A lot of introverts feel forced into being more ambivert when at work or in situations where people expect them to be more outgoing. This isn’t really their natural state of being, so it can be exhausting for an introvert to try and be more extroverted. Those who don’t give in to the pressure to conform will not try to be extroverted just because others pressure them to do so. Many will spend their weekends recharging with alone time before the start of their working week.

Even though some work cultures are seeing the benefit in employing introverts, there is still a stigma that introverts are limited in some way because they are not more out there. Introverts are deep thinkers and are more creative in solitude. Forcing people to become extroverted who create in solitude, will only squash their creativity.

Why extroverts who make quick decisions without much thought are seen to be better because they take risks escapes me. When did giving something more thought before leaping become limited? Deep thinking should not be confused with procrastination. Those who think more deeply about the decisions they are making often make better decisions.

I enjoy some social interaction, but I can take it or leave it, thus I do not need it or are attached to it. I have been strongly introverted my whole life and do not believe I am naturally ambivert, because that state was never my usual state, nor did it feel true to me. Now that I am retired and do not have to work, I spend most of my time in solitude. When I was younger people pressured me to be more outgoing etc, when I just wanted to spend time in solitude for the most part, only choosing social interactions in small doses. Today I am the same, and live life on my own terms.

I don’t try to change extroverts, but I choose to spend limited time in their company if they are too hyped up, thriving on social interaction and entertainment. This type of thing tends to disturb my inner calm too much, so I let them do their thing without me. The world also needs extroverts as they have their place as well. However, stop telling introverts to get out more. Introverts may not be the life of the party and are often not even at the party because it suits them better to be in solitude.

Free spirits

A free spirit lives in the present and lives a life on their own terms. Their identity doesn’t fit into a narrative of labels.

Free spirits are usually unconventional and live life independently guided by their hearts. They are generally open, real, and intuitive. They will often not stay in the same working place indefinitely because their sense of belonging does not lie there but rather to where their heart take them. They can't be pinned down easily or owned in any way. Free spirits are honest but quickly learn that for the most part people do not want honesty.

Many of them will be minimalists so they can move around freely. They often change jobs regularly as they they are not interested in being tied down or want to climb any corporate ladder. They will give everything they have to what they put their hand. However, they may not stay there, so their commitment is only to the work given not the company itself.

Many believe free spirits cannot commit which is a misunderstanding as its more they do not view commitment in the eyes of conventional thinking. which is too black and white for them. If they say they are going to do something they will follow through, as they do not say yes to things they do not intend to do, thus they generally do not make promises they can't keep.

Free spirits are not really interested in trivia or small talk. They don’t get people who do not question the meaning of life and will often want to explore subjects that many do not want to discuss. Free spirits will not be the same, but they will share a common thread in following their heart’s and in that will embrace a changing path which may bring unease to the people in their lives who want to control them.

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