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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Life purpose

Many who pursue life purpose are not grounded. One doesn’t fulfil their life purpose approaching it like a bull at a gate, with the thinking they can fast track their way there way there. Knowledge is not wisdom, which is why a multitude of seminars and workshops will not fulfil one’s purpose.

Understanding purpose happens from the inside out, because it serves the true self, not the personalities idea of what life purpose is.

Waking up is a shift in consciousness from a higher perspective. It is not pursuing life from the personality wants. This approach sends people down a path that they think is different than before, only to find it may be dressed in new outfits, but it is more of the same behaviour patterns.

People en mass are waking up, and their shift in consciousness isn’t brought on by another person. Trying to force others to wake up creates consequences not good for one’s own life path and disrupts the learning of others.

In helping others, we are best to plant thought-provoking seeds for those who are open, because one’s awakening is between them and their higher selves, thus none of our business.

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