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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Life purpose

Purpose in life is the reason you are here. While what you are drawn to do in life largely creates what you have become, your purpose is about what you came here to experience, learn and understand.

We live in a world where life purpose isn’t part of our education system or upbringing so many people end up living a life that society dictates or ones their families prescribe for the illusion of success, comfort and security.

People do a lot of soul searching outside themselves for answers rather than listening to the whispers of their inner guidance. What you may be longing for you already have within. Living your life purpose requires you to step outside the realm of your comfort zone and learn more about yourself and purpose for being here.

We have many things to learn and experience. Our challenges help to build inner strength, however unless we can get out of the way of ourselves change is difficult. Wisdom is gained by what is learned and overcome.

Getting to know who you are allows you to decide what is best for you, rather than allowing others to decide what’s best for you. Knowing yourself makes it easier when making major life decisions for career paths, relationships, or where to live and work.

Discovering life purpose is a work in progress and is being worked out as we go along. I’s like taking a journey with some direction on the path to start with, and as you grow through recognizing those thought patterns and false self-perceptions that prevent you from reaching your potential, the soul illuminates the path with more clarity about your next steps to take.

We only need to focus on what’s relevant rather than feel overwhelmed with all the things we think we need to do as often these are unrealistic desires of the personality. Once we do that we will also often find many of the things we wanted to do were related thus not relevant anymore.

Opportunities for purpose are always right in front so if we are more conscious of that, there is always something to be seen. The rest is a future unknown and not important. What we create today is creating a future path. It can change at any time as we change.

Our personality likes to create a bucket list of things to achieve because it thinks it knows what’s best for us, but we are here to fulfil the agenda of the soul’s bucket list which many will find causes conflict throughout their life because the personality wants what it wants. That’s the lesson!

Some ways to embrace purpose are:

  1. a.Meditate as this strengthens the connection with the inner.
  2. b.Spend some time in contemplation and ask questions.
  3. c.Develop compassion and humility.
  4. d.Gain self-awareness about your thoughts and feelings.
  5. e.Learn to be comfortable with not having all the answers.
  6. f.Embrace change and do things you’ve never done before.
  7. g.Connect with likeminded people who are exploring their purpose.
  8. h.Be kind to yourself and others, and enjoy your journey, it is uniquely yours.

It can also be helpful to work with a mentor who has already travelled much of that journey and has asked themselves the same questions you are asking yourself. They can help you explore your purpose and reach places you may not have been able to find on your own.

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