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Minimalism is about uncluttering our minds, surroundings and emotions. It enables us too simplify life and brings less suffering to the earth and humanity.

Our purpose in life is in the present moment, and we are on a journey to simplicity. However, for many getting to the simple is not simplistic because we tend to see ourselves and the world around us as we are rather than how it really is.

People differ with their version of minimalism and what it means to them because people, become minimalists for many reasons. It could be to save the planet, mental well-being, or to find peace with less possessions, people and drama in their lives. It will play into things like sustainability, spirituality, clothing, food, and possessions. Some may also incorporate minimalism with being vegan so to not exploit animals and bring less suffering to humanity and the planet.

Minimalism is about living a simple life and owning only what we need. Living in an uncluttered environment allows us to create a space for self growth. Living a balanced life is not about going without material things but rather we don’t focus on excessive amounts. This allows focus on possessions that bring purpose and meaning to our lives.

Uncluttering the mind with the past and future helps us stay more connected to what we really need. Practising detachment helps us to let go of attachment to materialism and finding joy in life that does not rely on the illusion that possessions bring happiness. Extreme desires for wealth are about greed and selfishness whereas minimalism is about being content with what we need.

Finding identity and security in people, places and things is a false sense of self, and why a minimalist lifestyle can be a challenging process for many that embark on it. When we unclutter our lives, we become more self-aware of what we really need, and realise the lack of need for many of the things we have.

To simplify life is to focus on what’s important and involves a minimalist mind that isn’t full of over thinking but rather to ponder life from a simplistic lens. Overthinking tends to drain the life out of us and stops us making decisions that help us have a better life and can take us into a spiral downwards creating a lack of understanding in what we are trying to achieve.

Many are a slave to their negative emotions which can significantly impact on what their actions are. Emotions are a core part of human existence so when we connect with our emotions at a deeper level we are better able to resist judging things about people and their situations. This puts us in a better place to open and hearts and minds to compassion. The best way to release ourselves from the weight of negative emotions is to simplify our inner world. In this space we spring clean our baggage to bring about a more meaningful existence.

Real minimalism is linked to compassion for ourselves and the world around, because minimalism is more than living with less possessions. It doesn’t matter if we are eliminating material things or difficult emotions from our life because the process is the same, thus we are letting go of what doesn’t serve our best. Practising mindfulness can also assist with this as well because it focuses on awareness in the present.

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