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Minimalism simplifies life and brings less suffering to the earth. As a result, it will play into humanity, the earth, sustainability, spirituality, clothing, food, and possessions to name a few.

Minimalism is about non-attachment and uncluttering the physical and the mental. People who are minimalists differ with their version of minimalism and what it means to them, because people become minimalists for many reasons. It could be to save the planet, spirituality, mental well being or just to find peace with less.

Some may incorporate minimalism with being vegan, as this does not exploit animals and helps the planet. They use vegan friendly products that do not involve cruelty to animals. Minimalism may play into clothing colours, hair style, food, possessions, and housing. People may also go from their lives.

When we unclutter the mind and surroundings, we can become more self-aware of our surroundings and realise the lack of need for many of the things we have in life. We are not our possessions and cluttered thought forms, as they are a false sense of the real self. Some who walk a spiritual path will often naturally flow into a more minimalist lifestyle, although for some this can be a challenging process to let go of their attachments to people, places, and things.

There are people that start to lead a minimalist lifestyle and then decide the world must know about them and their processes. They spend a lot of time on social media talking about themselves. They become self-obsessed with their lifestyle. All that uncluttering they did has transferred to cluttering the minds of others with more glamours about their new lifestyle. It’s better to live the life in awareness of minimalism, otherwise it isn’t even really minimalism but rather a look at me.

A minimalist intent is a shift in awareness that supports the planet with a more Zen way of living. It can be applied to many aspects of life enabling uncluttering of the past and future thoughts about what our real needs are, thus being more real about what is needed for the life. When we are more spiritually connected, we are more likely to realise our preconceptions of what we thought we needed did not serve our higher selves.

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