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Devaki Sokaris

Contemplating life


Categories group related articles together, and this page lists all the categories available on this subsite.

AutismChild in red dress touching relection in polished stone wall17
This section is about embracing autism and finding the true self.
Lyricslyrics navigation card40
Song lyrics that express life’s challenges, love, purpose, and spirituality.
Music topics4
Articles that reflect my opinions about songwriting and the music industry.
Ponder on itWomen sitting on pier10
Sometimes we need to get real with ourselves and the world around us.
RelationshipsHeart shaped stone on the beach6
Many of the relationships we have are soulmates that come into our lives to help us develop and grow. They are our love relationships, friends, family and co-workers.
Self-awarenessFace sculpture surrounded by bubbles8
We see the ourselves through our own eyes, thus what we see may not be real. Self-awareness is about being able to view ourselves from a detached perspective allowing us to learn from these insights.
Self-improvementBlue Zen stones10
One must change oneself to change life for the better. These articles discuss ways to improve ourselves.
SpiritualityZen stones stack on body of water during daytime10
These articles explore spirituality, the benefits and what it means to embrace the spiritual journey we are here for.
True selfWoman in white walking in the clouds towards the light5
This category reflects how the soul works with our personality to help us learn and grow through our lessons in life.

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