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6. Peoples stories


We all have our own unique path in life thus we have our own lessons and healing journey that cannot be learned from someone else’s story or experiences in life.

If transformation has truly taken place, we will be a product of living in that awareness. Our story may be interesting to others but it is not their survival kit and, should never be marketed as one. We inspire others without sharing our story, because we carry an inner light and wisdom that people are attracted to as a result of the transformation.

Although helpful on the journey, a few aha moments and insights are not the product of transformation. Until our own suffering is understood, transformation is not possible. Once transformation takes place, we are already the change. Transformation is evident in how we live our lives and what wisdom we share with others. That is what helps people, rather than telling people about our experiences.

If I can do it, so can you, you’ve of this, or we are in this together are platitudes, and given by those who do not understand the psychology of people or understand we each have a unique path.

Many people will often tell their story because they want acknowledgment and validation. Sometimes it is part of their healing journey, until they let go of the story and live in the awareness of whom they are becoming.

A story may give someone hope, that it is possible to overcome things in life, but a story is not their recipe for change. They may even relate or identify with a story. However, it is the choices and decisions, that they make that decide what they overcome in life, which are not based on some else's steps for healing.

It is what we carry within us that inspires others to take charge of their own lives. Saying I went through this and came out a better person does not help people. If we cannot explain how we did it, it will not inspire anyone.

Telling others we suffered through many challenges is a statement and just what we do in life to share things about ourselves. That is not a story and should just be viewed as some awareness to a life lived. A story is when someone shares the broader details of their past, their inner processes, feelings, thoughts and the actions they took to get there.

It is in being able to explain what our thought processes, feelings and actions were, and the alignment that took place that shares real wisdom of the heart. Many are not able to do that because they have are not aware of the of the steps they took on the journey to get there, so make statements like, I got through this.

People carry shame and may decide to tell their secrets, but this is their own process. People often share their stories for themselves, but often project it is to help others or use it as a sales pitch for their business.

A life story is not an authority to help others or to prove that they can, as using it in that way is a false authority. If a person feels that they want to share their story for interest do it properly, and not deliver a bunch of statements as that is not a story of transformation. Its best to treat then treat it as a story, rather than a marketing tool to get clients or seek validation.

Being real is not about wearing our heart on the sleeve. Being real is an inner journey we integrate, and then live our life in that awareness, thus are living the transformation story, rather talking about it.

Until we shift our self-awareness to spiritual self-awareness thus to the higher self, we will not be leading a life that is guided by the inner wisdom. When we truly transform from the inside out we will stop playing the same tunes on the outer.

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