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Contemplating life


Many of the relationships we have are soulmates that come into our lives to help us develop and grow. They are our love relationships, friends, family and co-workers.

New relationship
Are you between relationships or have not long been through a breakup and you are contemplating getting out there to find another soul mate?
Perfect relationships
We are not perfect, so our relationships will not be perfect. What we want isn’t often what we need.
Relationship counselling
Relationship counselling for couples often fails because an understanding of what each is contributing to the partner dynamic has not been established.
Right relationships
People place a lot of importance in relationships, and many may come into our life with expectations, demands, neediness and selfishness.
The truth about soul mates
This article is mainly focused on love soul mates, as there are many glamours and illusions about what they are and how they serve us.
You need values so you can live your life being your real self. Know what your core values are, and you will have a road map to live your life by that inspires you to be happy.

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